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Navy Times:

Robert L. Goehring (Bob) advanced from Seaman Recruit to Master Chief Petty Officer during his 24 years, 5 months and 3 days naval career.

He swore in on 15 December 1973, reported for active duty on 28 January 1974, attended his retirement ceremony on 24 April 1998 and transfered to the US Navy Fleet Reserve on 31 July 1998.

Bob earned the Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal (2 awards), the Navy Achievement Medal (2 awards), Navy Good Conduct Medal (6 awards), Overseas Service (9 awards), National Defense Medal (2 awards), Joint Service Unit Commendation Award, Navy Expert Rifle and Navy Expert Pistol while serving on active duty.

Bob joined the Navy in December 1973 but did not arrive at Orlando, FL, for his recruit training until January, 1974.

He also served on numerous Temporary Duty Assignments (TAD) during his career.

His duty stations included:

Recruit Training Command, Orlando, FL Here he was in Company 041 which received the highest academic and military awards presented to recruit companies. At RTC Orlando, he was designated as a Communications Technician (Maintenance) and advanced to Seaman (E3).
Naval Training Command, Great Lakes, IL Here he attended Basic Electricity and Electronics, Electronics Technician A1 and Electronic Technician A2 schools. While at NTC Great Lakes, Bob was assigned as a Class Leader and received a promotion to CTM3 (E4).
Naval Technical Training Command, Pensacola, FL Bob continued his technical training at NTTC Pensacola by attending Communication Technician (Maintenance) A school and was a member of the first class of Basic Bulleye's Maintenance. It was during this tour that Bob received his Top Secret (Sensitive Compartmented Information) clearance. He maintained his eligibility for this clearance throughout his naval career.
Naval Security Group Activity, Edzell, Scotland His first overseas tour. Bob worked in the Wideband Maintenance shop and, for a short period, on the Antenna Maintenance Crew. He also was promoted to CTM2 (E5) during this tour.

Naval Security Group Activity, Azores, Portugal Located on small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, NSGA Azores presented Bob many opportunities to enhance his naval career. He maintained Wideband, Narrowband, goniometers and special collections equipments. He also re-enlisted here - thereby making a decision which would lead him to more than 20 years of service.
Naval Security Group Activity, Augsburg, Germany NSGA Augsburg was a tour that changed many things about Bob. First, he was advanced to CTM1 (E6) here. Next, and more significant, he met and married the former Sharon Lee Bahr.

Naval Technical Training Command, Pensacola, FL Bob returned to NTTC Pensacola for training on the Wideband Acquisition System. After spending 42 weeks in school, he was given orders to remain in Pensacola and become only the third instructor for the Universal Cryptologic Processor Training (UNCRYPT) family of courses. Rebecca Lynn was born during this tour. Bob received his first Navy Achievement Medal from this command.

Naval Security Group Activity, Skaggs Island, CA After a successful tour as an instructor, Bob was ordered to NSGA Skaggs Island where he became the Leading Petty Officer of the Organizational Focal Point (OFP). Nicholas Lee was born during this tour. He was advanced to CTMC (E7) here. Bob earned his second Navy Achievement Medal from this command.

Naval Military Personnel Command, Washington, DC Bob was then ordered to NMPC for the premier tour of duty for CTM personnel as the Detailer. He wrote orders to several thousands CTMs and was responsible for maintaining 100% manning on all U.S. combatants for CTM billets. Here, he was advanced to CTMCS (E8).

He was awarded his first Navy Commendation Medal here.

Naval Security Group Activity, Edzell, Scotland His last overseas tour. Bob and family returned to NSGA Edzell to find a wonderful command and a wonderful culture. Bob worked as the Electronics Maintenance Officer, Navy Exchange Officer and the Total Quality Coordinator. He also fulfilled the Command Master Chief role for a period of time. He was advanced to CTMCM (E9) here.

Bob earned his second Navy Commendation Medal here.

Naval Security Group Activity, Northwest, VA Bob's last tour. He served as the Electronics Maintenance Officer and the Public Works Department Chief. His retirement ceremony was held in front of the Operations building on 24 April 1998. He was awarded his highest award here, the Meritorious Service Medal .